Wireless 亚搏app下载链接 for Plastic Surgery

Clarius handheld ultrasound is the leading choice for plastic surgeons to clearly visualize patient anatomy in real-time to safely guide surgical procedures.

Common Applications of Diagnostic 亚搏app下载链接

The use of ultrasound in plastic surgery is proven to improve procedural outcomes, minimize complications and enable comprehensive follow-up, enhancing confidence and the overall patient experience. It is routinely used for examining breast implant integrity, evaluating and treating seromas, TAP and PECS blocks, and safe BBL fat grafting. It’s also used to detect deep venous thrombosis and for targeted guidance for patients undergoing abdominal liposuction. Clarius delivers high resolution imaging in a dedicated high-frequency scanner to speed diagnosis, guide procedures and reduce risk.


Superior Imaging You Can Trust

Ultra-portable, Clarius ultrasound scanners deliver the power and image quality of traditional systems for a small fraction of the cost.

  • Specialized workflows and dedicated plastic surgery presets.
  • Fast and clear imaging with automated AI optimization deliver best-in-class image quality.
  • Ideal for small spaces, Clarius HD fits in your pocket. 
  • Without cords to get in the way, cleaning and disinfection are simple and fast.
  • Pairs instantly with most current Android and Apple smart phones and tablets.
  • Free cloud storage for unlimited users.
Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS

"The image quality of the $4,900 Clarius device is world’s better than the $41,000 [cart-based system]. I use the Clarius device in my practice every day. For me, it’s the plastic surgeon's stethoscope."

See the Difference Great Image Quality Makes

L15 HD

High Frequency Linear

Choose the L15 if you’re primarily interested in seeing exceptional detail while performing superficial exams.



Choose the L7 if you’re performing deep and superficial procedures.

Curvelinear EMED Scanner


The C3 is more suitable for examining deeper structures including hips, piriformis and lower back.

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Plastic Surgeon Switches from Traditional 亚搏app下载链接 to Clarius

A Clarius customer since 2018, Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS is recognized in Louisville for his cutting-edge plastic surgery techniques. He is a double Board-Certified aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Louisville since 1992. He shares his thoughts about why he switched to Clarius from his traditional ultrasound system. “As a plastic surgeon…

Hedden and Gunn Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bill Hedden

"I have been performing ultrasound in our office for over 6 years and it has always seemed so complicated because of the type of ultrasound. If you’re not trained on how to use the systems, it can be very overwhelming. Well, Clarius has fixed that through their software, which allows you to just pick the area you are working on and it automates the settings for you. It’s handheld…simply perfect for what we do. I now carry it in my coat pocket during clinic and there’s no more guessing or needless needle sticks if there is a seroma after a tummy tuck or lipo. Also, I now know for sure if I’m dealing with a ruptured silicone implant before surgery."

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